Photoshooting models might be the worst job ever.

"I dare you to try a 8 hour photo shooting session."

Last Friday, me and Leon went for a photo shooting session in Penang and had our fair share of "Penang Top Model Season 9". We were so excited for the 8am photo shooting but then later that day we couldn't bear for it to end earlier.

I can never underestimate any photo shooting model out there, anymore. It might sounds like the easiest work in the world simply just posing to the camera, but the attention spend for continuously 10 hours, that's no kidding bruh. Especially when working with my partner that doesn't really pose, Nuuuu.

I had 4 style to change and man, the dresses are as heavy as my Monday Blue's eye lid.
So heavy!

One of my favourite look.

I have to go home by 12am tonight hehe. 
Call me Cinderella. 

 Leon in grey. Never thought he can look like a tycoon. xixi.
A billionaire look!

Mermaid look is also one of my favourite!
Love all the look my MUA set for me.


 Okay gotta go!

Ever wonder why you should only marry once?
Because it's way to tedious to do it twice, unless you are bawling well that's a different story.

We slept the whole Saturday and Sunday away....
Like how can you judge those models that work through that routine for days and months and years.
Man, just imagine yourself keep changing and posing for the 10 hours....

Signing off,
Stay pretty :)

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  1. its not easy to take a photos. thats why i always click like on any pictures i see instagram

  2. very nice I just fall in love!
    hehe.. love them all!

  3. love all your styles here! The gowns are so elegant.

  4. You looks elegant at your wedding dress. Congrats to both of you.

  5. Thank you all! I'm so shy now hehe

  6. You look absolutely gorgeousssss that grey dress is my fave

  7. But seeing all these photos, it is so worth the effort! Now you have great pix to show and keep!

  8. Omg so pretty and i guess u will love all the outcomes xP

  9. you look pretty babe! I love the grey one *.*

  10. I like your mermaid gown, you look so gorgeous in it :)

  11. the mermaid dress really did make you look the most beautiful....

  12. loving your dresses, just make you look so gorgeous and elegant.... and yes, a long photography can be a pain...

  13. Hi may I know what's the name of ur MUA? Thank you


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