Malaysian Work & Travel USA: Packing tips and what to pack for your trip

"For those who fail to plan plan to fail. As cliche as it might sound, but that's the truth...

Disclaimer: This is a very important post for those who going to WAT USA as this will help you save a lot of hassle.
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We all know that we are going to be away from home for at least 3/4 months, but what we should pack? Don't forget, if you pack the wrong thing, it will give you hard time at least 3 months. I categorize a few sections on the "must pack".

Going to USA, earning USD, there's actually not much thing you can't afford. UNLESS, for things that is not available, or to avoid unnecessary spending. One of the biggest and most important advice for my friends that ask me about how to pack for USA WAT or trip is TRAVEL LIGHT! Avoid unnecessaries, serious!

1) Electronics.
Electronics can be really expensive unless you decided to buy a TV in USA. Also, I highly not encourage buying electronics due to voltage difference, warranty and as well as the telco supporting system (let's say you intend to buy phone, make sure you can crack or the telco in your country do support, also, check the sim card slot).

You must bring these few items:
- Handphone (duh) and its' accessories including charger, earphone 
- Camera and the charger
- Laptop / Ipad. And. The. Charger!
- ADAPTOR (it cost 10USD min. but you can get it like 3RM in Malaysia.)
- Extension cable. (So you can use only 1 adaptor and charge lots of electronics at one go. However, do aware the weight of it as well)

2) Clothes.
Have you ever sad for being a girl and there is just too much of possible mix and match and you want to bring your whole wardrobe so you can take all the OOTDs? Let me tell you one thing, you can get $2 quality jeans wear during sales or $7 top while you are making about 7.50USD minimum an hour. :) The least you bring, the more you can shop! My advice on clothing is, bring those easy matchings and all the other clothes you don't bother keeping!
- Sleepwear (t shirt and shorts that can use as work out wear)
- 1 pair of long jeans and 1 pair of short jeans. (mother of all matching OOTD)
- 7 to 10 tops.
- 1 long dress (can be wore as casual and normal event)
- 1 short skirt.
- 8 set of undergarmets
- pantiliner and PADs (I bring the exact amount I need in 4 months so I won't waste any space)Also, US has expensive PADs.
- socks (very important if it's winter)
- Panty hoses (Easy to wear
-1 pair of slippers
-1 pair high heel (that can be wear for casual and formal event)
-1 pair of sport shoes
-1 pair of work shoes (my work shoes is my sport shoes so I saved on this)
- Shades
- 1 Hat/ Cap (Can be useful for matching as well as deter some harmful rays.)
- Scarves
- washing net!!! (very important for washing bras) 

i) Bring monochrome or plain colours, easier to match.
ii) Don't bring too much as most of the time you are wearing uniform.
iii) Bring something you don't mind leaving behind, as well as shoes.
Overweight luggage might cost you 200 USD which is about 800RM FML. So if you might bought too much in between flight, wear the heavier garments like jacket and sport shoes! Or just throw them away!
iv) If you don't care about OOTDs and repetitive clothes and you can even save them by bringing washing net and keep washing them and wear them back as coin laundry is pretty common in USA) and buy clothes in between the journey.  (esp big jackets as they are dirt cheap) Spend most of the money on food.

3) Food
Food is necessary as it won't stock up too much space when as time goes on, you consume them. My packing tactic is bring more food and less clothes to USA as you will definitely need these for your long journey and especially when you miss home. Also it helps to release some of your stress on cooking after long day from work (if you have to cook).
- bring MILO
- bring MAGGI
- bring ALL THE SEASONING PACKS (if your workplace does not include meals)
- bring CHILLI SAUCE, CHILLI SAUCE, CHILLI SAUCE, BELACAN (US people only have tomato sauce T_T and sriracha and I don't like either of it. Imported food are expensive including chilli padi)

Bring all of these in individual packaging, so you save space on keeping them after.(please don't bring a bottle of chilli sauce? common sense please) Don't worry and you can bring a lot of these, because consumable item wont take your luggage space for too long! They will be gone soon!

4) Toiletries
I brought most of the products in travel size, especially make up products and facial products. Because I found they really take up a lot of space and they are really heavy! Focus a lot on moisturising products, especially foundation. You don't need to bring foundation cake if you have liquid foundation, it's SO DRY there.

- Toothbrush
-Toothpaste (you don't need a big one for 4 months, save space! Unless you eat them when you're hungry or you need them for your fries)
- Facial products (don't ever forget MOISTURIZER and CHAPSTICK) Most US states weather are dry but moisturizer and chapsticks are cheap. However, bring them as it will be gone by the time you are coming home so it doesn't take too much space!
- Make up products
- Shampoo and Conditioner (TRAVEL SIZE, it's 4 months, not 1 year 500ml should be enough as nobody care about washing hair that often in winter)
- Disposable Shaver (if you have shaving habit but who cares if it's winter)
- Nail Clipper!! (remember this! it's very helpful and also remember placing it in the check in bag.)

5) In case of emergency...
- PANADOL (they don't sell this there, important!)
- Minyak Kepala
- Period Cramp pill
- Plaster
- Cold Pill
- Whatever pill you want to bring.

Travel light, and plan ahead. Really.
If you're stuck at a point that you're not sure, e-mail me and I will try my best to help! Also, comment below if I missed out any!:)

P'/s: Thanks for everyone emails before!

Signing off,
Don't worry, pack early!

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  1. What an informative post for those going on this journey as well. I wished I was but no such luck!

  2. noted. wish one day got a chance to wok travel in usa

  3. Wow~ that's one of my dreams~ will save your post for future reference ~

  4. thanks for the tips oh. it's always good to plan and pack early


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