My 3 Main Goals for 2017

"22 days until 2017..."

It's like  a love hate relationship I have with December. I feel like really sorry that it's ending soon but I could at least put a dot to everything that happened this year, be it good or bad, the ups or downs, and just let the past descend.
Just keep pedaling.

Also, I've set myself a bunch of goals for 2017, as it's a new year! We shall celebrate it with lots of prosperous and wishful goals. 

I always try to work on brushing my skills at work. It's a slow progress for now but I could see the difference since I've been constantly pushing myself to stay determined. I'm still working on my trivial bad habits, you know, it is like the sticky shit that you sometimes can't flush away, still trying my best on that. But I know I can do it! Just need a lot of perseverance. 

I've always wanted to advance my english proficiency by taking some classes. Also, my biggest goal of life is to master 6 languages. So, it's time to start picking up my 4th language next year as we all need to constantly advance our knowledge and skill set. This is to make sure that you are constantly competitive in the market, be it for work or self fulfillment, one should always seek for more knowledge. 

Third, SAVE.
As me and Leon already have a place to stay now, I'm currently saving money to buy a new car, (hopefully next year). It is such a struggle because I have high expectations on cars, especially on the outlook and interior.

I'm currently eyeing on this brand new Honda Civic that glad-fully fulfills most of my needs.

It was launched in June but already marked about 8000 units sold! 

Honda Civic also kind of match all of my 2017 goals. It is the first Japanese mass market with turbo engine. With 1.5L turbo engine that output equals to 2.4L manage to sweep my feet away. I am surprised with how powerful the brand new Honda Civic is.

The advance technology of this brand new C-segment car that has all the cool features that managed to catch my eyeballs.
My favorite feature is definitely the 
i) Remote Engine Start
Remote engine start allows you to start your engine and cool down the car first before you get into the car within 10 meters away. 

ii)Auto Brake Hold
Easing your leg muscle! If you're stuck in traffic, definitely no longer need to constantly press on the brake pedal. 

There are also other impressive features like Walk Away Auto Lock and Electric Parking Brake. For those music lovers, electrostatic steering switch is definitely something to look for!

Iphone Carplay ftw!
One of the biggest reasons of them all that I choose Honda Civic as my goal car next year, is due to the jaw dropping service fee.

The new Honda Civic is not just impressively powerful but also a good bargain as you can drop your car at any one of the 88 Honda dealers nationwide to enjoy the 5 years warranty with unlimited mileage with a service interval of 10,000km!
The very dedicated Honda service center mechanic

Did you know the service cost for 5 years in total did not exceed RM1,000! So much savings!

Of course, Honda Civic unique selling point is definitely their top class safety features.

With 6 airbags (dual front airbags, side curtain airbags, side airbags), vehicle stability assist (for anti slip especially rainy days), anti-lock braking system, brake and hill start assist, also the emergency stop signal, PHEW! So much cool features! Honda Civic has officially won my heart if you can't already tell.
Extra Room Spacious too!

Did I mentioned they also have the iphone carplay?

I think I've talked too much but you got to try on your own to prove that I'm not wrong! 
Check out for more information and price inquiries. 

Signing off, 

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  1. Very positive goals there. What's the fourth language that you plan to pick up? All the best and may you achieve your dreams.

  2. love your 1st pic. love your goals too, long time no see you good to read update here

  3. I want to fix my goal too. Lets jia you together.

  4. Great! Keep it up and stick to your goals! I've gotta start writing down my goals for 2017 too! Thanks for sharing!

  5. ahhhhhhh ... i am so in love with that honda civic too.... so gorgeous... please be sure to own one and tumpang me some day hahahah

  6. keep it up with your positivity! glad to meet you the other day =)

  7. wishing you all the best! The new car looks cool!

  8. Nice article with cool headline. Jeles.

  9. Well said babes, I also feel down sometimes at the end of the year, happy and sad mixed together. I should start planning my goals and counting my blessings too. New Year Resolutions!!!

  10. what're the links on the top bar of your site, carina? layout? shortcodes? i tried clicking on 'em. lol! in any case... all the very best achieving those goals for the year! i'm especially rooting for you on mastering more languages! THAT'S ACE! i need to be so much better with saving, too. so may the odds be ever in our favour. amen! hahahaha.

    happy 2017 to you and leon! (14 days late. whoops! still counts, though, right?)

  11. Oh wow nice car, Honda has been one of my dream cars for long time too :)


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