My favourite skin care routine is always simple, as I believe simplicity is the best.
Other than sunblock and face wash, toner and hydration sheet mask are my essentials.

But I'm in a age that need more than just basics.
I was convinced that I need something like Biochem Essence.
Biochem Rose Rejuvenate Essence from Taiwan is extracted from rose hip extract. It's a concentration not just helps with slowing down the secretion of sebum and acne but also tackling my biggest problem: dull skin and dark spots.

Korea skin products are in trend now, but Taiwan brands are also one of my favorite. 

My latest bought on Biochem Rose Rejuvenate Essence from Taiwan can be bought online from Malaysia.
Click here to buy: Arwin/Biochem Products list. 
Facebook: Arwin/Biochem Facebook

Biochem has a series of very interesting and effective products. But out of all, the Rose Rejuvenate Essence is my favourite and it is well known for the effectiveness for oil-control and speed up the collagen synthesis. 
Main Ingredients of this Rose Rejuvenate Essence are: 
  • Rose water, rosehip extract
  • Multiflora rose extract
  • Champagne rose extract 
  • Carnosine
  • Cyclopeptide-5
  • Gold Foil 
It has a premium price tag and main reason is the gold foil inside!!!

It's very hydrating, I use it after my bath every morning and night.
It also leave a non-sticky and non-oily finishing look.

It has a benefit that helps stimulate and activate the skin cells!
It's highly recommended for those who has dull and dry skin like me.

Now, Arwin/Biochem are having Chinese New Year promotion. You should really check them out for more information!
Click here for the online shop: Arwin/Biochem Products list. 
Click here for Facebook acc: Arwin/Biochem Facebook

Signing off,
Having a boink boink hydrated skin!

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