A letter to my mother.

"Do not belittle these women." 

Dear mom, 

I was told by many that I was tough, or stubborn (sometimes they have different names), I have a lot of thanks to give you. And this picture moved me a little when I looked at it, it just made me feel so proud of us, even though at one time I was not. I am glad to look back on how far we've come along given our hardships in life. 

Dear mom, we were once so close, we talked about almost everything, I would be there sitting on the cement floor, helping you with sewing. You, rushing for your part time work sewing all these tags for clothes just to make a few ten cents, paying off my school bills and all the unnecessaries that I lied about. 

Dear mom, me and Leon were talking about you, we are laughing at all the little adventures we had. I was so young but I am so smart, I helped you a lot when you got into trouble. Remember the time you got your car tire stuck in the drain?

Dear mom, we were once so close, and then we were not. Our family financial crisis killed the dynamic of our family. I remember you working so hard as a babysitter, and at the same time taking care of the family and doing part time sewing for extra income. You were often so busy, and tired. 
They probably call it puberty or rebelliousness, but you should know that I am just resenting, and hating that how hard was life back then for us, without knowing how it can hurt your heart.

Dear mom, people might not know about us, but we know. Dad is busy making the big bucks, he plays a big role in our family, he is like the anchor. 

But you are reason this ship sails (metaphor intended). 

When the times were most difficult, you stayed together with us. The world out there is big, but the courage of staying is so much more bigger than to leave, you never gave us up. 

Dear mom, you might be the cause for all the times that I cried but now I know it shapes me into a so much better person now. I am shocked at our resemblance, how stubborn I am at times, how I hustle to get things done, it's all from you.

I thank you.
For all the good and bad, ups and downs. Now, it reminds me to be gratitude and grateful of everything, of how great or successful I am, it is all because of you.   

Dear mom, happy birthday in advance, and Happy mother's day. 

Talking bout Mother's day, for all the people out there wanting to buy a special gift for your mom: My friend who owns a small company called Celovis just approached me for an e-code for my friends who wanted to buy gift for mom. 

Each special box of this comes with customized bangle (only until for those who order before 10th of May, after that will be standard "love you mom"), 1 mother's Day card, 1 mini bouquet of baby breathe and 1 complimentary video.

So if you wish for a little customised gift, you got to act fast cause it only last until 10th of May.

If you wish to buy a gift for your mom too, please help supporting my friend? Click HERE to purchase and remember to include CARINA-FD for RM25 off or you can pay original price... haha.

Signing off,

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  1. happy mother day to your mom.. I hope your mom is always happy and in good health

  2. A very beautiful article dedicated to your mum.

  3. thats a sweet gift for someone you love. Happy Mother's Day to ur mom too!

  4. You love letter makes me teary eyed. Happy Mothers Day to your Mom! You all stay beautiful!

  5. nice bonquet! i love the colours, i believe your mum will be so please! also, i love that lettering piece <3

  6. what a lovely letter. I love the bangle... Happy Mothers day to ur mom and wish her happy birthday in advance!

  7. omg! the flowers are so cute and pretty! wished i read this before mother's day! uhuhu

  8. Aww. I'm touched. Why I didn't realize your post before 10th. huhu

  9. A great gift to your mum. Mother always precious women in our heart.

  10. What a moving letter you wrote to your mom. I hope she reads it and understands and forgives you.

  11. This is such a sweet ode and I feel touched...I envy the loving relationship you have, despite those rebellious years...

  12. That was a really lovely letter to your mom...I am sure deep down inside...she understood you more than anyone else could even when you were at your rebellious point...because if you say you picked up her stubborness..then I am sure she knows exactly how you function like.... <3

  13. reading this, i wanted to cry. you write so well, c.

  14. Am touched. Cant thank mum so much for her guidance..


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