Let's Zumba

"I am pretty sure the title should be the largest outdoor Zumba is back"

I am not sure how many of you are into Zumba, but I am definitely saying yes to new and fun idea! 
Last year, Watsons held their largest outdoor Zumba and garnered about 5.3k of people. Heard it was even a Malaysia record. 


I believe a lot of people love running marathon for a lot reasons.
Some for the sake of the medal collection, some for meeting new people, some for the sake of running itself. And Watsons held the largest outdoor Zumba last year and me and Pui Yee went for fun, and the free t-shirt too *coughssscoughs

Last year shenanigans, us eating banana. 
Fun fact: eating banana before work out can minimize chances to get muscle cramp. 

After eat banana you can split like banana.
Just kidding. Try at your own risk.

That was like so 2016 and we had lots of fun.
This year, Watsons wanted to make it even BIGGER. They forecast there'll be 10k of people participating, and let's create a new record!

This year, their line up are like Leng Yein from last year coming back bolder, together with Malaysia’s top DJ Chuckies & Whackboii and her sister Leng Sean!

Some of the instructors are like Deno and Alex from Malaysia, Henry from USA and Richard (ohsohandsome... ) from Canada and...

Dennis Yin will be the host for this year!

Kit Mah, the face and ambassador for Watsons.

The price for this year ticket is RM98 and it comes with a RM30 cash voucher.
Best thing is it comes with medal and micro dry tee too!!! (HUURAY for those tee and medal collector) lol. If you purchase with any participating brand then you are entitled a 20% off... which is like..

RM78.40! #mathschampion

Ok, last but not least, see you there on 21st of October ok! Lets Zumba together!

For more information, check out: http://www.watsons.com.my/move-your-body

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  1. You are so flexible dear. Look like a fun event you got there.

  2. zumba dance is fun and easy to lose weight too.
    shall mark the date now for this before forget.

  3. This looks like totally fun! If only I can attend as well. We shall see!!

  4. OMG that split... I wish I can do a split like that

  5. i know right, zumba is very fun but tiring activities. I think I'm gonna miss this activity this year again.

  6. i love zumba! it's super fun.. you learn new dance steps while losing weight at the same time!

  7. Looks so fun! The event must be exciting!

  8. looking great babe. nice zumba event by Watsons

  9. Hey! hope to see you at the zumba party in sunway again.

  10. Haven't tried Zumba but my sister-in-law been asking me that we should try it! I don't know how to dance so I'm not really sure! Hehe! But I think it's worth a try! ;)

  11. looks so fun. i would like to join!

  12. you can still do a split! HUZZAH!


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